13-5DE Marriage of Materials

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Description: When we dive into the world of Gemstone carving, a whole new facet of our creative process opens up to us. Not only can we custom-create a stone for our customers’ orders, we can create beautiful stones for our own projects, guaranteeing a completely unique finished piece of jewellery, each and every time.
Now take that thought one step further, and consider what you could do if you melded multiple materials into one cohesive piece for carving!

Welcome to Marriage of Materials, where we will be turning two separate stones and a metal, into a single piece for carving. Working on design with an emphasis on form-for-function, this class will be a fun and fabulous dive into a great addition to your skill set.
Get ready for some messy, soggy fun and I’ll see you in class!

Materials included in price: Stone carving blanks, sandpaper rolls, burs, diamond paste, felt buff.

Date: Saturday, January 13, 2024

Time: 9am - 4pm (1 hour lunch break)

Instructor: Storm Rise

Skill Level: Confident beginner

Required Tools:  

• Sharpie 
• Pencil with eraser

Side cutters (flush)
Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers 
Flat nose pliers

• Apron
• Safety glasses
• Old towel 
• Diamond needle files 
• Grid paper 
• Pencil 
Metal ruler

• Magnifying glasses and Ott light as needed