Open Back Setting - Zoom

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 Skill Level: Intermediate, must have soldering experience.

Hybrid or Zoom: 1 session, Sunday - April 16, 1pm- 5pm EST

Zoom: An invitation to the Zoom meeting will be emailed 3 days before class and will be required to register with Zoom to gain access.

Recording will be available for 3 months after the class for both Zoom and Hybrid participants and will be available on a private YouTube channel

Written instructions will be emailed to each registrant prior to class. 

Description: Learn how to set a pear shape gem cut stone with an open-back setting to allow light to enter the stone from several angles and increase its brilliance. Students will have the opportunity to customize the piece by choosing an overall shape of their choice and adding embellishments.

Materials Kit: Enough material for 1 pendant (SS stock, gemstone). Gem choices will post soon.

Domestic Shipping included. There is an additional charge for International shipping.

***Kits will ship April 5, 2023.

*You will need the following tools to complete the project. 

• Sharpie
Chain nose pliers 
Round nose pliers
• Heavy duty side cutters
• Nylon pliers
• Side cutters (preferably flush)
• Parallel pliers
• Multi-looping pliers
• Bow opening pliers (optional)
Fine tweezers 

Bench block  
Rawhide mallet 
Chasing hammer
Student files 

Needle files 
Bezel shears
• Curved Burnisher
• Bezel Rocker
• Jewelers’ saw & 2/o saw blades
• Cut lube
• Bench pin
• Brass brush (optional)
• Metal ruler
Fine tweezers
• Honeycomb solder board
• Euro lustre & muslin wheel
• Rotating solder station 
Super grip gloves (optional) 
• Third hand
• Solder pick with shield (optional) 
• Steel ring mandrel or hoop mandrel for forming
Soldering set up 
• Magnifying glasses (as needed)
• Liver of sulfur or BlackMax (optional)