Cup of Gold

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Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Zoom: 1 session, Saturday - March 16, 9:30am- 12:30pm EST

Zoom: An invitation to the Zoom meeting will be emailed 3 days before class and will be required to register with Zoom to gain access.

Recording will be available for 3 months after the class for both Zoom and will be available on a private YouTube channel

Written instructions will be emailed to each registrant prior to class. 

Description: Create a striking focal point with a two-tone dapped cup. This project is perfect for those who like simplicity with a splash of drama, this class will elevate your jewelry-making skills, enabling you to create stunning and attention-grabbing piece.

Materials Kit: Enough material for 1 ring (SS stock, brass stock texture will vary).

Domestic Shipping included. There is an additional charge for International shipping.

***Kits will ship March 6, 2024.

*You will need the following tools to complete the project. 

• Sharpie
Chain nose pliers 
Heavy duty cutter
• Nylon pliers (optional)
• Parallel pliers (optional)
• Bow closing pliers (optional)
Bench block  
Rawhide mallet 
Student files 
Needle files 
• Hollow scraper (optional)
• Bench pin
• Brass brush
• Euro lustre & muslin wheel (optional)
Super grip gloves (optional) 
• Solder pick with shield (optional) 
• Steel ring mandrel (stepped mandrel preferred)
Wood ring mandrel
Steel dap set

Soldering set up 
• Magnifying glasses (as needed)
• Flex shaft - brass bristle brushes, black silicone bullet, 
Brass brush
Liver of sulfur or BlackMax (optional)
• 400, 500, 600 sandpaper
Ring sizer 
• Steel wool